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christian business opportunities
FACT: There are no such things as Christian business opportunities.

There are Christians and there are business opportunities, but only a person can be "Christian"... a follower of Jesus Christ.

Are you a Christian looking for a business opportunity?

Then you are someone this cbo web site was created for. You didn't find us by accident!

Did you find christian-business-opportunities cbo because you are searching for a way to earn income with a higher purpose?

  • Do you want something more than what you have right now?
  • How long have you been looking?
  • What have you considered so far?
  • Have you found anything that makes sense?

Most people never earn any income with Christian business opportunities promoted on the Internet. Many lose money in get-rich-quick schemes.

This does not have to be you. We can help you avoid the hidden snares and traps.

We Have An Answer

You can make money owning your own business... working from home... being your own boss. christian-business-opportunities cbo is a web site designed to meet people like you with:
  • a desire to change their lives
  • a good work ethic
  • a teachable spirit
  • good character
  • a heart to be used by God to make a difference

Why would you want to connect with us?

We have a massive vision to change the world by helping Christians build businesses. Every person we help build an income producing business will be able to do the same. You will help people just like we help you. It's discipleship 101.

You will become part of a special group of people who are making a difference in this world... who are Lifting People Up.

As pastors we take our leadership position seriously. We've seen abuse in the church, so we are conservative in what we share. We make no claims or promises to anyone... no hype.

We have helped many people get what they were looking for. We know we'll help many more.

Let's Narrow It Down

Are you looking for:

  1. Online Business Opportunities
  2. Lifestyle Business Opportunities
  3. Not Quite Sure (keep reading)

Online Business   |   Lifestyle Business

Hope Deferred Makes the Heart Sick

You wonder if this could be true; real Christian business opportunities that are right for you... that you can be proud of. Something you can glorify God through, offering real value to others as well as an income and lifestyle for yourself.

The bigger picture is that God wants whatever your vocation is to be your primary ministry for fulfilling the Great Commission. The Bible calls this "offering yourself as a living sacrifice".

  • Can you imagine yourself building a business that God will use to change people's lives?
  • Has your hope to find this kind of business turned into disappointment and frustration?
  • Have you failed in the past?
  • Ever been taken advantage of?
We realize we have a big challenge to overcome in setting ourselves apart from all the other Christian business opportunities.

You are skeptical for good reason.

By now you've likely discovered that work-at-home offers on the Web almost always leave you disillusioned and sometimes even a bit disgusted.

A Dream Fulfilled is a Tree of Life

We do have a unique business opportunity that we believe in. It is not the purpose of to try to present our specific company, product or business plan. We don't have the ability to do this online for many reasons.

You are encouraged to contact us to get more details if you want to find out whether our specific opportunity is for you or not. Check out our cbo video for a glimpse of what is possible for you through christian business opportunities cbo.

Make sure you take time to hear what others are saying by listening to their stories.

The main purpose of our cbo web site is to shed light on many different aspects of doing business with a higher calling of building God's Kingdom.

Plus, we give you the option of looking at our business opportunity only if you choose to.

Use Wisdom & Discretion

scott and laurie
What you will find here is hidden treasure from personal experiences that we share. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat are equally real to us. We'll share both with you.

We will look at questions like these:

  • How can you build an inheritance for your children and/or the Kingdom of God through multiple income streams?

  • How can mom (or dad) work from home to be with the children when they need you?

  • What about kid's college? Retirement? Inheritance?
  • It's not all about the money. Lifestyle counts too. Here we are with time to enjoy a latte and each other.

    Freedom to make choices, family vacations, helping others, good health, missions. And what about this? More time to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness!

    How about a way to reach the lost... make a difference!

    There are various Christian business opportunities being offered today. BEWARE! Most we looked at hold no promise for your future. Do your due diligence. Don't be in a rush. There is no such thing as get-rich-quick.

    God does want you to pursue your God given desires. We want to restore hope to your heart and spirit and open your mind to possibilities.

    Discover Surprising Revelations

    Explore the following topics with a Biblical world view and a Marketplace Ministry perspective.
    • Marketplace Ministry- An endtime ministry of God to reach people where they live and work... the marketplace!
    • Entrepreneurs- The kings who get things done on earth as it is in heaven... are you one?
    • Christian Careers- Build income by merging your calling with christian business opportunities (cbo) into a career from home.
    • Christian Based Businesses- Why you need to start yours now!
    • Home Businesses- Many top home based business ideas are doomed to fail. Beware!
    • Christian Business Women- God's Secret Weapon against America's number one threat... broken homes.
    • Marketing- Guerrilla marketing... unconventional but ethical ways to get the biggest bang for your buck.
    • Christian Web Sites- The biggest waste of time and money unless you know what works... and why.
    • Christian Finance- Where to get money to get your business started with the goal of being debt free.
    • Travel- Own a business you can build from home or anywhere you want to travel in the world... plus unique business travel tips.
    • Retirement- What every Pastor (and everyone else) needs to know to take control of your retirement income!
    • Much More- New content is added to christian business opportunities on a continual basis! Check back often.

    Many Home Business Ideas Fall Short. We Raise the Bar!
    Home business ideas that make sense and money. See how christian business opportunities (cbo) profit you and the Kingdom of God.
    Endtime Ministries and Marketplace Ministry
    Advancing endtime ministries will see God work through the marketplace to bring in a harvest. Marketplace Ministry is a growing move of God.
    Famous Entrepreneurs Are Salt And Light Of The Earth
    Many famous entrepreneurs are
    The Benefits of Capitalism
    Understanding the benefits of capitalism for those on Main Street as well as Wall Street is important for those who wish to take advantage of free enterprise and entrepreneurialship.
    Starting Christian Based Businesses
    Christian Based Businesses can change your life. Here's why you need to start your own NOW.
    Christian Careers to Build Family Income and the Kingdom of God
    Christian Careers build income from home merging your calling with business opportunity helping people with health or financial challenges...
    Christian Finance for Christian Based Business Owners
    Godly wisdom concerning Christian finance for your own business... essential for starting your business and gaining your financial freedom.
    Business Woman Is Stay-at-Home Mom With a Heart
    A new breed of business woman is emerging as God's secret weapon against major attacks on American families' health, time, and money.
    Gorilla Marketing Strategies for Your Business
    Gorilla Marketing is a must in todays competitive world of business. Use your God-given creativity to find a need then satisfy that need.
    Network Marketing Tip
    #1 network marketing tip that everyone needs to build a successful and profitable business with links to addtional tips.
    Sales Lead For Network Marketing
    Free sales lead for network marketing. Hardworking networkers add 20-30 people per week with our free system. See how they do it and stop wasting time and money.
    Christian Web Sites Promote Your Business or Ministry Opportunity
    Build Christian web sites to target and reach your business or ministry affiliates safely and effectively...
    What is an Entrepreneur?
    The answer to what is an entrepreneur is complex. Can you decide to be an entrepreneur? Or are you born an entrepreneur? Why some people thrive while others don't.
    Travel Home Business Opportunities Worldwide
    Travel home business will take you around the world. Work from home or while traveling to Five Star Resorts... all expenses paid.
    Retirement Jobs versus Starting Your Own Business
    Retirement jobs... explore the benefits of working for yourself helping people regain health and vitality for living with a renewed purpose in life...
    Business Travel News and Photos
    Photos and latest business travel news from christian business oppotunities (cbo). The world is waiting for you.
    About Scott and Laurie Prindle
    Pastors Scott and Laurie Prindle model marketplace Minsitry to their congregation through their Christian business opportunity.
    Contact Us
    Contact information for Scott and Laurie Prindle
    Christian Business Questions Answered by Pastor Scott
    Ask your business questions and get answers from other business builders and leaders on the christian-business-opportunities forum...
    Christian Business Opportunities Blog
    The christian business opportunities Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the web site. Subscribe here...

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