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, Muckity Muck.
November 25, 2016

Laurie and I are blessed.

We were asked to be part of a pilot program to introduce a new opportunity to the marketplace. We were asked because some friends, executives of the company who created this, thought we might be interested.

And we are for 3 reasons.

1) We have seen a transformation in our health.

2) We can help others who decide it is time for them live a better life.

3) We see huge income potential by being some of the first to introduce this to the market.

You can take advantage of this as well, because no one will be hearing about this before you. Because we are legally bound by the terms of the pilot program, we can only share general information until the official launch (early 2017).

HOWEVER, if you are interested, we CAN share things about this opportunity with you that will set you up to win.

We will be doing this through email updates as we progress through the pilot program.

What this means for you if you decide to take advantage of this, is that you will be ready to go BEFORE the launch in early 2017, just like us.

If you want to be included in these updates you need to get yourself on our fit3 email list.

Please use this link to receive updates from us:

fit3 updates

All Our Best,
Scott & Laurie

(208) 456-2222

P.S. We highly recommend you share this with others so you have your own fit3 team ready to go at launch. They will only be able to join through you if you use your personal links found on the Welcome Page after signing up for our email updates.

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