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Spring Break Fun Evey Week.
April 14, 2011

Spring Break Fun
Salt & Light Volume IV, Issue 10 by D. Scott Prindle

"And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God. " (Ecclesiastes 3:13)

Spring Break Rewards
Spring break is over for most families, but when you find work that is rewarding you can be on spring break for the rest of your life.

This week we were able to enjoy some skiing with friends, new and old. What a joy to serve the living God.

It takes time and income to enjoy the fruits of your labor. We are grateful to God everyday that we have found a way to create both while serving Him.

Days like this make it more fun and are a taste of things to come when you will receive your eternal rewards for serving heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.

Grateful Hearts
There are many who serve the Lord in difficult situations. Sometimes their joy is even greater. That's because they are doing their work wholeheartedly, passionately, and with grateful hearts.

You are invited to come enjoy the fruits of your labor along with us. We can show you how, then you can show us your idea of spring break fun. scott and laurie prindle

Love Never Fails,
Scott & Laurie Prindle
(866) 773-7888

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