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Blueprint for Business Part 3
July 30, 2009

Blueprint for Business- Part 3
Salt & Light Volume II, Issue 20 by D. Scott Prindle

"Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom." (James 3:13)

Pillar of Meekness
bike When we owned a bike shop, Scott had the opportunity to build a custom Titanium mountain bike for a customer.

It really was not where technology was headed... we knew we were right about this and were tempted to argue the point with him.

But our customer had convinced himself this was the way to go, so we built him a beautiful $4000 bike.

We have learned that subjective reality has its own set of rules. Customers' reality -their truth- is what's important. We can't ever forget that.

Meekness, the third pillar in Wisdom's house, enables you to value being kind over being right. Easier said then done, especially in the midst of contention, potential adversity and trials.

Good Conduct
Sometimes things go sour. Customers get upset, employees feel hurt, and competitors attack. How you react is the difference maker... whether or not something good will come of it.

-their truth-
is what's

How do you respond to insults, injuries, and volatile situations with others? Are you fuel for the fire or a calm, soothing agent?

I regret to say that my first impulse is to call fire down from heaven to consume them. I have to take a step back and let Jesus take a step forward so I can have good conduct when I feel like being nasty and vengeful.

This is Meekness... a strength of character that has a dramatic impact on all it touches.

Whether it's avoiding arguments with customers, empathizing with disgruntled employees, or keeping good relationships with competitors, meekness will earn you a reputation as one who is wise and understanding.

Next week we'll look at the central pillar of Wisdom's House.

Love Never Fails,
Scott & Laurie Prindle
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