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September 01, 2010

Can you use some encouragement today?

"And made me a polished shaft; in His quiver He has hidden Me."
(Isaiah 49:2)

A polished shaft is for true flight and accuracy. This speaks of character- like integrity, honesty, and faithfulness.

Hidden in the quiver. Waiting for the perfect timing of the Lord's release. A good place to be until your time comes.

You are on target concerning God's will. Continue to trust Him and be faithful with what you have.


We broke a cardinal rule of communication. We took a break from publishing Salt & Light.

We know we can do better and have been seeking, praying and planning changes that will bring more value to you.

We're still in the process of putting the pieces together.

Let us know what you would find most useful to help you in your marketplace ministry calling. scott & laurie prindle

Love Never Fails,
Scott & Laurie Prindle

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Salt & Light Volume III, Issue 25 by D. Scott Prindle

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