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June 14, 2013

Father, Keep Us Together
Salt & Light Volume X, Issue 24 by D. Scott Prindle

"Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one as We are."
(John 17:11)

Doing business in the world to glorify God is possible only when we are kept from being influenced by the world.

bmw By knowing the only true God and Jesus Christ you belong to God forever, and He belongs to you.

As you grow & mature into full son-ship, you take possession of your Father's estate- the Kingdom of God.

When something belongs to you, how do you treat it?

When I drove my fathers car I had fun spinning the tires. Sorry dad! It wasn't very often. Promise.

It's been 35 years and I can't remember burning rubber once since owning my first car.

Those who own a business or are in leadership positions assume more responsibility.

Your Father takes care of you so you can take care of His Kingdom.

The truth of God’s Word brings freedom. You are not defined by the world, but by the Word. Faith comes by hearing the Word. You are set apart, cleansed, and made holy by grace through faith.

The Word says you are a king and a priest, the righteousness of Christ, and so much more. Your Father only sees your perfect new nature. Your performance doesn't define you. Your faithfulness is all that matters.

He will provide abundantly for all your needs, including wisdom in how to keep your business a place of truth.

The love of the Father bestows all the favor and blessings you need to bring Him glory. It's not a question of getting God to give you more, but more a question of how to release what He has already given to you through Christ.

This comes from knowing Him as a benevolent Father who never withholds good from His own. His unfathomable love for you overcomes all fear, doubt, and worry that would keep you from Him.

Joy becomes the visible expression of your faith in Him... the same joy Jesus has!

The whole purpose of God is to preserve, sanctify, and glorify you. Exactly what Jesus prayed to the Father for you.

scott & laurie prindle

Love Never Fails,
Scott & Laurie Prindle
(208) 456-2222
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