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B. A. Philosophy

by Jodde
(Calgary )

I seem to recall a story in which Jesus kicks over the tables of corrupt money changers in a temple. This article completely neglects the absolute corrupting influence of capitalism such as monopolies, worker exploitation, and industrial scale fraud.

Also, an explanation explanation of why Marx's very cogent case that capitalism makes everyone a slave is owed. This point is rarely challenged, even by the most diehard capitalism defender.

To say that no man made system can compare to God's Kingdom is a cop-out and intellectually dishonest. Supposing God can do better gives us no excuse not to try. I believe what benefits most from capitalism is the church, which is not immune to its corrupting influence.

The church has been able to make use of the insidious marketing used by big firms. These churches attract big money and the leaders who want it.

Hi Jodde,

Thanks for your sharing your opinion. Looks like you're a Canadian friend. I love skiing up in Alberta and hanging with the elk in Banff.

As the title clearly states, this is an article on the benefits of capitalism, which are many.

I don't see anywhere in history where Marx's theory has proven to be more beneficial to a nation or society than capitalism. Can you point me to some examples?

Also, can you mention other examples of economic systems where evangelism can be more effective that what capitalist systems have enabled over the last two thousand years?

I am sincerely interested because Jesus has called me to preach the Gospel and make disciples. If there is a better type of economic system to advance the Kingdom of God, I'd like to know about it.

Blessings to you,

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