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Best Article Directories

best article directories

Best Article Directories. Do you enjoy writing? Then why not use it to direct traffic to your website, blog, or opportunity?

An "ezine" is an online article directory. Think of it as a free online magazine, where almost anyone can submit articles for publication. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of article directories.

The definition starts to get a little fuzzy because some are online only, while others have an email component that can get your article delivered to readers by email. Still others have syndication arrangements where your article could be picked up and placed on other websites.

Here are some of the more popular best article directories:

  • EZineArticles- If you're just starting out in article marketing, this is the one to start with. Lot's of support
  • ArticleBase- This is another article directory biggie. Continued development on this site as well.
  • GoArticles- Being the largest free article directory on the web is its claim to fame, although bigger is not necessarily better.
  • Squidoo- What's your story? Free to join.

Here's a list of the rest best article directories:

  • Amazines- This is another solid article directory, worth submitting your articles to.
  • American Chronicle- This is a network of article sites whose results often appear in Google News results.
  • Article Alley- Another solid, standard article directory.
  • ArticleCity- Standard article directory. They've also added a video article section as well.
  • ArticleDashboard- Another long time directory. They also sell their template for folks who want to create their own article directories.
  • Article Snatch- Another strong directory, but it is a "no-follow" directory.
  • Articles Factory- Basic article directory with sturdy ranking and traffic.
  • Buzzle- Another strong article directory with simple site design.
  • GoArticles- Being the largest free article directory on the web is its claim to fame, although bigger is not necessarily better.
  • Helium- Cool and up-to-date best article directory.
  • IdeaMarketers- This is a popular article directory with writers because the site founder offers so many ways for writers to promote their content.
  • Isnare- A strong article directory and submission service.
  • SelfGrowth- Sign up as an expert on this site and you can submit articles to this directory. Lot's of networking on this site.
  • SearchWarp- This directory promotes authors in a nice way. Your picture and latest article is featured on the home page.
  • Site Reference- A content site with built-in article submission.
  • Submit Your Article- This site is a dual article submission service and article directory. It is the ONLY submission service that we recommend.
  • TheWhir- Great article directory for web business topics.
  • WebProNews- This is an old and respected directory which must approve your content. Also, you can only submit original articles- no duplicates.

What's in it for me?

Getting an article published can benefit you because the author (you) usually gets to enter a link to their website or service, meaning free organic traffic for you.

Since we're interested in generating traffic for your FishFinder! lead capture page, it would be most beneficial for you if you could write about specific items of interest to home business owners and other Network Marketers.

For example, you could talk about the any of the following:

  • Home business ideas for working moms
  • How to start a home business
  • How to equip the ideal home office
  • Which is better for a home office, a desktop computer or a laptop computer?
  • What's the difference between affiliate marketing and MLM marketing
  • What is Attraction Marketing?

Google suggest can help you find some good ideas as well. Here's a short video how:

Just make sure you put yourself in the shoes of someone who might be looking for a good way to generate more leads for their MLM or home business. Once someone reads the article, if they find it beneficial, they may click on your link at the end of the article and become a new lead/prospect for your FishFinder! marketing site.

This is more of a "long term" strategy. Your articles take a while to get approved, and there's never any guarantee that your article will become popular. However, there are many people who use this as their main source of free traffic.

You need to keep at it to see success. We suggest writing one or two articles a week for at least several months before you evaluate your success.

There is a brief overview of this strategy available for our PRO members in your FishFinder! (MLM Rock Stars) back office.

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