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Bethany Johnson

by Bethany
(Washington D.C.)

Before coming to know Christ I was running fast but getting nowhere. My drug of choice was the approval of others, and for most of the time, it did the job of filling the hole in my heart.

However, there were moments when I couldn't stand my own company and instead had to surround myself once again with people who would praise me and fill the silence with noise. I looked great but knew I was a mess.

I grew up in a Christian home but Christ was never MINE. After a few years of running to the bar scene and various "friends" for temporary fulfillment, I finally gave my future up to Jesus.

It was funny because I was actually in the middle of my drive Out West from the East Coast when I realized, "Why am I moving West again? Why do I do ANYTHING, really?" and I had no good answer for myself. So I gave it up to God in exasperation. "I'm done," I said out loud in my car, "This life is yours now. I quit." It was a spiritual suicide, and now I do that on a regular basis.

People think I'm odd now. "Here she goes again," they say when I begin vocalizing my faith. Honestly, I must also say that trials are more difficult because I know that I have a higher calling now. So things are much more painful, they really are -- because I'm a part of a global movement and an intimate relationship at the same time.

I'm much more aware of EVERYTHING, nature, the spirits of my friends, the wars in the Middle East, the pain of those "stuck in a rut," and even a new awareness of my own body and health.

But I wouldn't trade this pain for anything because I know that I have an important part to play and I don't want to compromise the universal Truth that there MUST be more going on here than what we can see. There simply HAS to. How intoxicating.


Hi Bethany,

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Yes, it is wonderful to have your eyes open to Jesus and the Kingdom of God. You will be used by God to make a difference for others.

In business, your vocation or calling, it is vital to understand that God wants to use you in your work. There will be many opportunities for you to be a blessing to others.

And for you it sounds like there will be many opportunities as you enjoy the outdoors... even while soaking in hot springs!

God Bless you,
Scott & Laurie

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