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Business Travel Tips

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These business travel tips are things we've discovered over years of travel experience through christian business opportunities.

They are not the typical tips... but born out of wanting to make travel more fulfilling. Follow this link to get more discount business travel tips that can be as easy as checking a few good web sites.

Airline Fares

When traveling by air you can find some good fares online. Always check to see what fare you can get by using the airlines own web site.

More and more airlines are opting out of the online discount travel sites like Orbitz hoping to get your business direct.

Sometimes it's as good a deal or better after figuring all the additional charges... plus you can get frequent flier miles credit!

Time will tell if this makes fare prices more competitive.

Also figure in drive time, parking fees and the convenience factor. Smaller local airports are a better choice even when you pay more for the ticket.

No Hassle Packing

Packing is our least favorite part of traveling. Scott found a great way to always have just the right clothes. He packs more than he needs... with ease.

First he throws in his shoes (pack socks inside them) and loose garments. Then he sorts out his shirts and slacks in his closet, keeping them on the plastic hangers.

Once he chooses what he thinks he might wear he grabs the slacks... hangers and all... and simply places them in the suitcase neatly. Same with the shirts.

Upon arrival to our room he then grabs the clothes from the suitcase and transfers them to the room's closet rod. We never worry about running out of hotel hangers or get frustrated with the ones that are permanently attached to the closet rod.

Most of the time only light pressing is needed... if any, to have that fresh crisp look. What a time saver! Once home all the clothes go right back into the closet or to the cleaners if needed.

Speedy Security Checks

Here are a couple business travel tips to speed up the security check at the airport. Wear pants that do not require a belt. Do not carry change or anything metal in your pockets.

You can put your change, cell phone, and other metal in coat pockets that go through the scanner so you don't have to spend time emptying your pant pockets.

Wear shoes without laces for easy on and off.

If one security line is long and slow, try another terminal. Often you'll get right through and once passed you can go from terminal to terminal quickly. This works best at airports where terminals are connected to one another.

hotel room
Free Hotel Room

Here's one of our favorites. Find a great hotel that offers free shuttle service to the airport. Book a night either before your flight or after.

By parking your car at the hotel and utilizing their shuttle you save the airport parking fees which usually more than make up for the cost of the room.

You get a good nights rest, a free breakfast and sometimes the hotel even has covered parking garages to keep your vehicle out of the weather.

Plus the shuttle takes you right to your terminal. No need to park your car at the airport, unload, wait for the parking lot shuttle, etc... you know the drill.

Rent Your Own Shuttle

Sometimes you need to get from the airport to your meeting or hotel room by shuttle. Check out renting a car. It's almost always less to rent than to pay for a shuttle. Especially if more than one is traveling.

Another benefit of a rental car is being able to check out some local sights in your spare time. Most come with a GPS to get you around easily.

Share Your Travel Tips

What are some of your favorite business travel tips? Think you've got a good one that would bless others? Share it and we'll post it here for others to benefit from.

What's Your Favorite Business Travel Tips?

Have a helpful travel tip?

Share where it is. If you have a photo handy be sure to upload it too.

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