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Entrepreneur Home Business

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An entrepreneur home business is an option that appeals to Christians like you who want to take control of their lives. They want a lifestyle that allows them to be ready at a moments notice to be used by God.

In fact... there is a global movement in the Church to break the shackles of job limitations in order to be about the Father's business in these end times.

In nations like Nepal and China pastors are being equipped through Christian business opportunities to evangelize and support their ministry.

Here in the USA men and women of God are finding home business ideas that free up their time. That time is being investing into God's Kingdom and other people.

Things begin to dovetail together until there is no longer a separation between your vocation and your ministry.

This is when life gets exciting because at this point all of life becomes ministry... no more separation.

Is a Home Business For You?

  1. You enjoy challenges. Like the colonists who came to the "New World" looking for opportunity or the pioneers who settled the west... you have that same pioneering spirit. You are willing to risk it all. Adventure excites you.

  2. Determination. You're motto is "whatever it takes!" Sacrifice and delayed gratification never slow you down. Like the Apostle Paul, you can be content whether eating Top Ramen noodles or Top Sirloin steak.

  3. Perseverance. You run till you cross the finish. You fall only to get back up even more determined. You don't mind being the tortoise as opposed to the hare. Suffering and hardship make you a better person.

  4. Persistence. Once you put your hand to the plow there is no looking back. You plow, sow, water, reap, repeat. You're steady in the ups and downs of life. You build on the Rock for long term results.

These character qualities are in your heart. When the sifting takes place you remain. Like cream rises to the top so do entrepreneurs. A home business is a great fit for people like you.

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