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Questions About
Home Based Business Ideas

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To help you walk through the maze of home based business ideas here are some questions you need to answer.

People look at home business ideas for different reasons.

Before you invest a lot of time or money into a business idea you will want to do your due diligence. Write your answers to these question in your notes.

Income Questions

How soon do you need to begin earning income in your home business?

Keep in mind that most businesses take two to five years before they turn a profit. Can you afford to invest in your business this long or do you need a business that can turn a profit in it's first month?

How much income do you need to earn per month?

Some people need to replace an existing income. Others want to earn more than they currently do. Make sure your home based business idea gives you the potential to earn the income you desire.

How much can you invest to start your home business?

Start up costs for home based business ideas are typically less than a brick and mortar business. But you will need to invest in your business. It is important to have a start-up budget as part of your business plan. Make sure your idea is financially doable.

Lifestyle Questions

How many hours will you invest in your business?

Most successful home business builders will tell you they work as much as they can. Starting a home business requires a lot of effort up front.

Do you only have part time hours to invest or can you dive in full time. Make sure your idea won't require more than you can or want to give.

Do you want to work with your spouse?

Will this be primarily your business or potentially a business you can work together? Either way you will need your spouse's full support... even if it's only moral support.

Make sure you are in agreement on the above conditions. Too many end up in a second marriage... to their business.

How important is flexibility... the ability to set your own schedule?

Establish what your business will demand as far as your schedule. Will you be working days, evenings, both? What about time off, vacations and weekends? Schedule around your families needs and see if this fits with the schedule of running your business.

Values Questions

Does your business idea fit your values?

List your top five values. How well does your business idea fit your values? There needs to be a close match or you will end up resenting your business or feeling disloyal to yourself.

Be sure it fits with what is most important to you. Ultimately... are you able to serve the Lord through your business?

Will your work be fulfilling?

Building a business is a journey. There is always hard work involved... if it's a real business. God created us to work. We are blessed when we find work that brings out hidden gifts and talents.

Does your business excite you? Does it give you a reason to get up every day? Working hard just for money eventually leaves you unfulfilled.

Is your line of business honorable?

Your business should first and foremost glorify God. It should be worthy of your time and effort. In some way you should be serving your fellow man for the benefit of others. Your reputation will be one that earns the respect of those you serve.

There are literally thousands of home business ideas. There are likely many you could pursue. Take the time to think about the long term results. Will you be better off tomorrow than you are today? Why?

Taking the time to seriously think it through will give you your much sought-after return.

For many more ideas and support for starting a home business, try the

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