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Hooray for Propaganda

by Josette
(Chicago, Illinois)

I'm a student doing research on the communism vs. capitalism debate and I stumbled upon your site while looking for pro-capitalism arguments.

This article provided what is an extremely dumbed-down version of the rest of the research I've done. Not only is it dumbed down, it's sprinkled with emotional words, and most of the points made are largely inaccurate. For example, these paragraphs are completely irrelevant to capitalism:

"Ask yourself some questions. Is the world better off today then it was two thousand years ago? Do the majority of people today live with a higher standard of living? Enjoy more comforts? Suffer less sickness and disease? Live longer? Have more fun?

Can you imagine not having running water, electricity, a car, cell phones, or toilet paper? Capitalism has made it possible for the common man to benefit as much as the wealthy man. The gap is much less than it was even one hundred years ago."

First of all, innovation was caused by the industrial revolution, not just capitalism. While greed DID drive much of it, these inventions would not have taken hold without the help of the government and a few communist concepts.

Did you know that Henry Ford hired people to ask the government to build automobile-friendly roads before he even finished building his first factory?

Private investment and greed may drive invention itself, but public investment and communal sharing is what allows these inventions to blossom.

On another point... What does capitalism have to do with Jesus? I grew up being taught that Jesus wanted people to love their neighbors and help one another, not cut one another's throats in an effort to climb to the top of the corporate ladder.

Perhaps I was wrong, but either way, your article proves that Christianity has strayed from its wholesome doctrines and is now nothing if not a mask behind which greedy business owners can hide from common, honest people.

If you want to make an argument, I would advise you to pick capitalism or Christianity and stick with it. Don't mix them together.

Also, make it sound intelligent. The disgusting propaganda in your article was fit for a child's bedtime story, if you were trying to give the child nightmares and convince him to eat his vegetables.

It was a slap in the face for intelligent people looking to become better informed.

Hi Josette,

We'll come out from hiding for a moment.

We agree that American Christianity struggles with the love of money as well as other things highly esteemed among men.

But where do we say that Jesus has anything to do with capitalism? We think you missed the point, probably because your mind is already made up that capitalism must be built on greed and cut throat selfish ambition.

The main point, however "dumbed-down" (by the way, "dumbed" is not a word... the proper grammar is "dumb downed"), is that Capitalism has been more beneficial to mankind as an economic system than other systems.

Jesus did, in fact, endorse the idea that individual initiative should be rewarded and that those lacking the courage to take risk be, well... "cast into outer darkness". (Matthew 25:30)

As for not mixing Christianity with capitalism, well that would be entirely impossible for us. Jesus is our life so He is mixed in with everything we are.

An intelligent person like yourself would understand this.

Hope you find the "pro-capitalist arguments" for your "research" that you're looking for.

God Bless,
Scott & Laurie Prindle

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Nov 22, 2010
Your Argument is Invalid
by: Anonymous

I enjoy the fact that they attempted to criticize your comment with correcting a phrase like "dumbed-down."

And I agree completely with the original poster.

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