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Biblical Wisdom for
Household Finance Success


Household finance is a problem in today's culture. 71% of Americans say they have a debt problem. 70% live paycheck to paycheck. Twenty five years ago there were five hundred thousand bankruptcies. Now there are over 1.5 million.

What's to come in light of 2010 economic woes? Where we live in Teton Valley, Idaho you have to earn $12/hour to afford a two bedroom apartment. It looks like things may get worse in the world before they get better.

The Great Test

God uses money as an assessment. How do you act when you don't have enough? How do you act when there is plenty?

Maybe you can't answer the second question because you've never been there... yet.

Your relationship to material possessions reveals what kind of steward you are.


Faithfulness in the little things reveals your true attitude and motivations towards God. Your attitude towards little insignificant things is the same you will have towards bigger more important things. Don't kid yourself.

Respect money, then expect money. Money has power. You respect electricity, fire, weather, etc. You need to respect money. How you take care of money is a reflection of how you take care of everything God gives you. Below are the 3 S's of financial stewardship.

#1 Shrewdness

Shrewdness where household finance is concerned means getting the biggest bang for your buck. It means leveraging yourself; you're time, you're money, you're resources. Be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove.

It seems many Christians get the idea that being the child of a King means getting everything handed to them on a silver platter. Our Father does not spoil His children this way. Instead, He trains us to be creative, cunning, and crafty. It takes hard work and smart investing to outsmart the enemy.

#2 Sway

Wealth can be used for good and for the Kingdom rather for hoarding or worshiping. Use you resources to win friends and influence people. When you're foundation is firm on the Rock you will not need to worry about using money to make yourself look good for others.

You can turn it around and use it to make others look good. It becomes a tool to get done what needs to get done. Jesus used His assets, his worldly possessions; to influence others to open their hearts to the Gospel.

#3 Serve

You know you cannot serve two masters. It's all or nothing with God. No part time stuff. You need to keep your priorities straight. Serving others will help keep your attitude right. Who do you want to please? Yourself, others, or God?

Does wealth make you a better person? Perhaps. But it doesn't make you better than another person. It is not a guaranteed sign of God's blessing. He judges our motives more than our money. It all begins with how you handle your household finance.

Take time today and read the parable of the unjust steward found in Matthew chapter 25. Jesus compares this to the Kingdom of God. What has God given you to be a good steward over? What will be your Master's response when he asks you for an account?

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