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How To Grow My Business?

by Nani
(Kailua, Hawaii)

Hello. My name is Nani and I am currently a small business owner. I haven't had much success since starting my business in 2007, however I love what I do. I specialize mostly in baby shower products and my website is

I do want to take my business up to another level and spread the gospel through my products maybe have a scripture diaper cake or towel cake, with encouraging scriptures. I am very interested in your insights on how my business can succeed. Please help me, so I may do more for the kingdom of heaven. Thank you.

Hi Nani,

You have such awesome products. You are so creative! We'd say this is your biggest strength right now. You definitely have great gift ideas and the pricing seems very reasonable.

How you market them is probably the weaker business area for you.

From the little we gather from your website, you are probably not generating many sales online. Your website does not rank in the top 100 on any of the major search engines like Google.

You will need to get ranked, preferably in the top 10. This can be done by hiring someone to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you, or you can learn how to build a website that gets you a top ranking.

We chose to build our own website through SBI!. It is a DIY program, but it does take a lot of time and effort. If you have the time this might be the way to go. Anyone can do it.

SEO is very expensive and may not work with your current website. Because we have never used SEO we can't recommend anyone to you. Be sure to hire an experienced and reputable company if you decide to go this route.

Have you ever looked into setting up an Ebay store? Some people have good success with Ebay, but of course you pay them a commission on all your sales. The benefit is that you will be found by more people online than you currently are.

Have you done booths at craft fairs and other venues that draw people? They charge a fee, but you can do a lot of business in a few days if you have pre-made inventory you can sell on site.

Of course we believe in divine inspiration. Begin to pray for marketing ideas and entertain whatever comes to your mind. This is how we developed our cbo web site. You might want to check out our pages on Marketing.

Stay connected with us. Subscribe to our FREE Ezie, Salt & Light. Also feel free to contact us anytime by phone or email. We will pray with you for the right next step to advance your business for the Kingdom of God.

All Our Best,
Scott & Laurie

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