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Income Retirement

Is it time for you to take responsibility for your income retirement?

You may be in your early earning years or last season of life. Whatever phase of life... it is your responsibility to make sure you have enough income to take care of your financial needs when you can no longer work.

For us it went one step further. We were convicted there needed to be something left over as an inheritance for our children.

Retirement? Not Us!

We were in denial about all this until we hit our mid forties. We believed "by faith" that God would take care of us if we lived into out seventies, eighties or nineties.

Then it hit us. Money would not rain out of heaven. Just like we have a role to play earning income now we have a role to play in providing for our retirement.

Retirement for us means the days, months or years we out live our ability to work. We will no longer be be able to trade out hours for dollars.

Retirement earnings meet our needs so someone else is not shouldered with the financial burden. We didn't know what we were going to do about that.

We had no savings, no investments (other than our home), no residual source of income.

You may be in the same position looking for answers. The things we share throughout our web site all apply... you need to find a business that provides a way to get paid tomorrow for what you do today.

You Need Residual Income

If you have two to five more years of work ethic left in you there is a way to solve the income retirement dilemma. We can share some things with you to consider.

Do you want to serve the Lord as you build a business?

Do you want to produce income even after your die?

Do you want to minister to people in a way that brings hope?

Do you see yourself investing your retirement years into the Kingdom of God?

There is a business vehicle that can enable you to do whatever you desire with your retirement years. You can earn money starting right now.

It then takes a few years of building to get to the point where your business can take on a life of it's own.

Right For You?

Your next step is to find out more. Find out who we are. Get to know us. Let us get to know you.

Will we be able to work together? Are you the kind of person we're looking for? Will you fall in love with what we do like we have?

There is a lot to explore before any decision on your part can be made.

Where are we in all this? We are in our early fifties and still building for our own retirement income.

That's good for you because we'll be right in there with you as your personal coaches and mentors... very important.You can save a lot of time and mistakes taking advantage of our experience.

Begin to get a vision for how God can use you by subscribing to our free devotional. You will find practical steps based on biblical principals you can act on each week.

It's a great way to begin moving toward a future retirement income you can build while serving God.

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