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Jesus Was a Carpenter!

by Tom Walker
(Huntington, WV)

The man Jesus was either self employed or He worked for a local contractor. He participated in a form of Capitalism.

The Apostle Paul, I believe, was a tent maker and a few other disciples were business men. They did give to the needy and poor.

Socialism distributes things to people who did not earn them. The Bible says a man that won't work should not eat. It also says that the Church is responsible for taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves, not those who choose not to. Nowhere does it say that the government is to take care of the needy. Is your faith in God or the government?

As a small business owner I can say that the government is about to put me out of business while it gives my hard earned money to little girls to have more babies.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your comments. We sense your frustration as a small business owner. Many people have no idea what businesses have to pay in the form of payroll taxes. Not really one of the benefits of Capitalism, is it?

We know you have to pay Medicare, Social Security, Workman's Comp, Unemployment Insurance, Self Employment tax, Corporate tax, etc. Not to mention that you become the tax collector for the government and have to pay for the accounting it takes to avoid all the penalties and fines if you don't get the money to them.

And then there's the taxes on all the equipment, materials, supplies and other costs to doing business. People who earn a paycheck don't always know about all these taxes that businesses pay.

Finally, you get to pay income tax like the rest. Because you're a responsible person, you pay those taxes. But you also realize there is a time to speak up and say enough is enough. Unfortunately, many Christians have bought into the lie that Socialism is more "Christian".

As Christians we must guard our hearts. Be angry and don't sin. We know who is Lord of lords and King of kings. He's the One who wasn't afraid to take care of His Own. He's the One who called hard working fishermen to be is disciples. He's the One who provides for His Own.

His name is Jesus Christ and we are confident He will enable you to overcome this world and give you a voice to be heard. Keep sharing what God's put in your heart. Because you trust in the Lord, He will direct your steps. You have abundant life in Christ. You have the victory!

Love Never Fails,
Scott & Laurie

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