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(Your 2nd Chance to Live Life On Purpose)

Scott & Laurie believe everyone should have a 2nd chance to Live Life On Purpose. In fact, they turned down the same business opportunity several times, and were grateful to have another chance to take a close look.

It changed their lives.

It's perfectly normal to be skeptical, especially in light of all the impersonal marketing found on the Internet. But if you're willing to take a step of faith, we are confident you will discover how we are different.

The reason we charge a $7 application fee is to help you determine how serious you are about finding a business that will allow you to build a future with more freedom, income, purpose, and happiness. In all likelihood, if your not willing to make a small investment to change things, it's probably not the right time in your life.

You may have backed out at the last minute, and that's understandable. We encourage you to follow through. Take your 2nd chance at living life on purpose.

You can learn more about Scott & Laurie here,
and get more information about cbo (christian business opportunities) here.

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