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Memorable Business Excursion

by Laurie Prindle
(Tetonia, ID)

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

One of the first travels I went on with our business was up in a castle in Banff, Cananda. Besides the over the top accommodations, we were treated like royalty staying in this castle that you could literally get lost in!

One day during our stay, my husband and I went out for a mountain bike ride up the river that flowed past our castle. Several miles up the river it started to rain and we decided to cross the river and head back to the castle.

Scott went ahead (as usual) and right before I started to descend down a very rocky path I noticed a huge bull elk right off the path to my right. I stopped to look at it (it was literally 15 feet away). It lifted up it's head and bugled.

That really scarred me because I realized that it wasn't scared of me. I yelled down to my husband to tell him to "stop and come look!" That didn't seem to bother the elk either. He was just looking at me... I looked to my left and realized... He was looking at another huge bull elk and not me!

I've never been so scarred in my life! I was right between them both and they were facing each other off. I was shaking like crazy and got on my bike to ride as fast as I could down the hill as Scott was going up to check the scene out.

It was an exilheranting experience! Who'd ever think a business trip could provide such an opportunity. We are Blessed!

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Dec 30, 2009
Caught in the Middle
by: dsp

Wow, can't imagine what being caught between two bull elk must have felt like. The pheromones in the air must of been thick!

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