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Ministry Jobs Can Fall Short

ministry jobs

We know your heart. You're looking for ministry jobs because you want to serve the Lord, right? Not really. You're looking for jobs because you need an income... and you want to serve the Lord.

What if income was not an issue? We doubt very much you would be looking for a job.

In fact, most people are looking for ways to leave their jobs so they can be in ministry full time.

If you had enough money for all your needs... what would you do?

Let your creative juices begin to flow. Maybe you would pioneer a new church... be a missionary... go to Bible college... start a youth ministry... minister to the poor.

Dare to Dream

Do you think a ministry jobs related to what you want to do is the answer. For some it is. In fact we would say ministry jobs are for the majority. Then there are the rest of us.

We are people like you who are more entrepreneurial. Do you like to create, lead, build and expand? Dare we say you might consider yourself a capitalist... a defender of free enterprise?

A job in your mind is not fulfilling. You want more. You want an outrageous adventure with God. So what options do you have? Are you willing to look at some possibilities?

We have friends just like you. They tell us their business travel news and how through their business they are able to minister to people in many different ways. The biggest reward is when they get to be part of leading someone to the Lord.

Be Where People Are

We recently were blessed with such an opportunity in Atlanta. An older man we never met before came to one of our gatherings. He is a businessman who never knew Jesus.

Our last morning with him we introduced him to one of our friends (he has the gift of evangelism) and five minutes later he gave his heart to the Lord.

Now he is part of a local church and devouring the Word of God. He is excited about building his business so others might have the same opportunity he did.

Working for someone else is ok. Working for the Lord in your own business/ministry is rewarding beyond a paycheck. Financially the returns can be huge. Eternally the returns are forever.

Another friend of ours had the privilege of leading a young woman in her business to the Lord. She was about to get married to a man who was unwilling to renounce his membership in a religious cult.

The Lord empowered her to break off the engagement within weeks of the wedding ceremony. Whew... it was close! What if our friend had not been in the marketplace? She was the right person at the right time that God could use to save a soul.

Respond to the Call

What about you? Do you sense a call on your life to make a difference in people's lives? Do you relate to what we share on this web site?

You have an opportunity through us to find out about home business ideas. We are willing to work with a few people like you... people who want their lives to count for something.

What we have is not for everyone. It's a real business with a real mission. We encourage you to contact us and see if there is the possibility to work together. We never know who it will be... maybe you are the next success story.

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