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Five Days to MLM Lead Program Success Day1
~ with Scott Prindle

"The ONE Thing That Separates The
Winners From The Losers In The MLM
Lead Program Game"

There is ONE key concept that a prospect wants you to understand.

If you get this right, they will actually want to know what you have to say, and pay you to listen. Get it wrong and they will never give you the time of day, leaving you frustrated and discouraged. It can be so unpleasant, that all but the most determined business builder will quit.

The one thing that matters to your prospect is... OPPORTUNITY.

You can picture this as a a person who is sitting on a sharp nail, and is looking for a way to get off it. Their pain is the very thing that is motivating them to look for an opportunity.

It makes complete sense if you understand what's going on in a prospects life.

You see, some time ago they began to feel dissatisfied with the direction life was going. It may be related to not making enough money, not having control of their time, or feeling like life has little purpose.

So they begin to search for something that will change their course. Maybe a business opportunity, a new job, or a different career. They don't know exactly what they are looking for, but they'll know it when they see it.

How will they know?

They will see an opportunity to get off the sharp nail they've been sitting on that is now getting to the point of being unbearable.

Learn a lesson from Google.

After Yahoo and AltaVista were already well-established, Google entered the search engine game in 1998. At the time, few people would have bet that Google would overtake them all - but in less than five years they did exactly that. They literally built a better mousetrap and the world beat a path to their door.

So how did they do it?

Google's mission was to build a search engine that would give people exactly what they were searching for, as fast as possible. If you were searching for "African Rhino's" they wanted to give you the very best and most popular African Rhino websites, so you will come back the next time you want to search the internet.

The lesson:

  1. Find out what nail a person is sitting on.
  2. Give them an opportunity to get off that nail.
  3. Give it to them as fast as possible.

Your prospect doesn't give a rip about your company or product. He could care less about the money you make. He only cares about the nail he's sitting on. Find out what it is, and show him how to get off it.

A Valuable Little Piece of Prospect Psychology for You:

Here's a little mental trick to help you think about finding MLM leads.

Visualize that you are not you. You are your prospect.

You are not the excited distributor with the cool opportunity or product. You are the guy or gal with some sharp nail you're sitting on. Life is a real pain in your... butt, and you want to change it.

And you are not thinking about your network marketing opportunity. You are them, on your knees praying. What are you asking God for? And what do you hope the answer will be?

Answer these questions, and you'll be successful at finding leads for your business.

Tomorrow's installment is called:

"The ONE Feature That Could Cut Your Lead Costs By THOUSANDS"

Best Regards,
Scott Prindle

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