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Five Days to MLM Lead Program Success Day2
~ with Scott Prindle

"The ONE Feature That Could Cut Your
Lead Costs By THOUSANDS"

If your MLM Lead Program has this ONE feature, you could save thousands of dollars.

With this feature you'll not only save money, but you'll be able to position yourself as a strong leader others will want to follow. Without it, you'll be paying to promote someone else as a leader, and may lose many of your prospects to them.

This one feature is free customized branding.

Memorize this saying. "Strength will never let you down, weakness will kill you every time."

When you are deciding what mlm lead program to invest in, be sure you have the ability to customize as much of the system as possible, for as little cost as possible.

OK, let's learn something from elk.

If you ever have the chance to observe elk in the rut (mating season), it is an amazing spectacle. The biggest, strongest, most well endowed bulls will bugle to gather their harem of cows.

When there is a challenge by another bull, they'll lock horns and duke it out. The weaker male is pushed out, and the big bull is left with all the cows in heat. The cow elk follow the single bull as they move about. The size of the harem depends on the strength of the bull. The largest bulls with the biggest racks have the most cows following them.

It's all about positioning themselves to be the alpha leader. You could say, it's all about branding themselves.

It's not a lot different in the human world. People tend follow the strongest leaders. When you are using an online lead generation system, the best way to position yourself as a leader is by branding the system as your own.

The more you can customize, the more you are able to present yourself a leader worth following. There are always limits to how much customizing you can do, unless you create and own the system yourself. Most of us don't have the skills or capital to create our own systems, so we're left to find one that gives us the upper hand.

Many systems offer custom branding options, but charge hundreds, or thousands of dollars for the privilege. One system I use charges over $2000 to brand yourself!

Look for systems that give you the most customization for the best cost.

Another system I use allows free customization for your capture page and the cover of a free ebook download. When you upgrade for a small fee, you're able to customize all your downloads, affiliate links, videos, back office, and more.

MLM lead programs that offer a lead generation system can be a great source of quality leads. The right system will keep your lead funnel full.

Let's Recap


  1. Company branded replicated web sites

  2. Network Marketing Guru systems

  3. Multi Level affiliate systems


  1. Customizable branded web sites

  2. Promotes you as the leader

  3. Your own affiliate links

Tomorrow's tip is called,

"The Secret To Casting Your Net For A Huge Catch - And The ONE Thing You Should Never, Ever Do"

Best Regards,
Scott Prindle

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