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Five Days to MLM Lead Program Success Day3
~ with Scott Prindle

"The Secret To Casting Your Net
For A Huge Catch - And The ONE Thing
You Should Never, Ever Do"

Just like me, everyone likes to fish when they're catching fish!

Every serious fisherman has their secret fishing hole. You'll never pry, or bribe the location out of them. Only when they decide you are worthy - that like them, you take fishing seriously, will they let you in on their secret - under sworn oath not to tell anybody else!

This is the ONE thing to remember... Network Marketing is a serious business.

If you treat a business like a hobby, it won't work. Hobbies cost you money. But if you treat Network Marketing like a business, are willing to invest, and put in the hard work, it pays a handsome income providing a lifestyle of freedom.

Having a lot of people to expose to your primary opportunity is not optional. Some people are more naturally inclined to find people to talk to, but if you are like me you might have to work harder to find Leads. The question is, how will you find them? How will you fill your net full of Leads ready to listen to you?

First, I want to clarify that I am NOT talking about buying Leads! You need to OWN your OWN Lead generation system.

The ONE thing you should never, ever do... buy Leads from a Lead vendor!

Most of them are sold, and resold, then sold again! These are a huge waste of time and money, and they can be especially discouraging for new recruits.

High quality MLM Leads are not easy to find - unless you know how to market directly to people who are currently in Network Marketing.

How do you identify Network Marketers?

It's very simple on the Internet because you can target your marketing with a great degree of precision. Look for people who "like" Network Marketing, or who are searching for various MLM related keywords, and you can then target ads directly to these people.

The Internet opens up a vast ocean of people looking for what you have.

It's now possible to generate your own Leads online using automated systems, and the individual MLM distributor now has access to millions of Leads through online advertising and social media - like Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook.

One of the most effective ways to advertise on the Internet is with Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads. These can be used with Google, Bing, Facebook, and other services. It doesn't take a whole lot to learn how to be effective, and with as little as twenty dollars you can launch an effective campaign.

However, most Network Marketers don't have the foggiest idea of how to attract and market to prospects over the Internet. Most marketers that attempt Internet Marketing will simply burn through a lot of money and have nothing to show for it.

A word of caution... PPC advertising can max out your credit card in the blink of an eye. Learn how to run effective Ad campaigns before you begin. There is a lot of PPC training available, but for me no one beats Perry Marshall.

Tomorrow's tip is called,

"ONE Surprising Way To Make Money From Leads Who Will Never Join Your Network Marketing Opportunity"

Best Regards,
Scott Prindle

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