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Network Marketing Lead Generation

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Network Marketing lead generation systems exist for one reason.

They are extremely profitable!

What if you could own a money making lead generation system of your own that supplied you with a continuous stream of quality leads... automatically!

Well, today it's possible. But before we share how, let's be certain you understand the importance of having a way to find prospects.

First, do you think thousands of dollars would be invested to develop lead generation systems if they didn't make money? This Network Marketing Tip alone convinced us of the importance of having a way to find leads.

The reason lead vendors make money is because they meet a universal need in the Network Marketing industry. That need is for Network Marketing lead generation- a continual stream of people to share your business opportunity with.

The fact is that a majority of people who start a Network Marketing business struggle with the most important business building activity...


Sponsoring is a result of sharing your opportunity with as many people as possible. The people you share your opportunity with are referred to as leads, or prospects.

This sounds kind of impersonal and can make people sound like targets, but for those in Network Marketing who truly care about others, these are potentially the people who become valuable business associates and many times, life long friends.

A Numbers Game

Sponsoring boils down to numbers. The number of leads you have determines the number of people to share with which determines the number of distributors you sponsor.

So you can see that more leads equals more people to share with equals more sponsoring.

There are people who are better at recruiting than others, so they may sponsor more people per hundred leads, but it still comes down to numbers. Even someone who is the least skilled can be successful if they talk to enough people.

In strictly business terms, let's talk about prospects, or leads.

It makes sense that if you can find a way to consistently build a large list of quality leads, you will have a much higher potential to sponsor people into your distributor network.

What Is A Quality Lead?

Let's define a quality lead as a person who is truly looking for a business opportunity and willing to consider your Network Marketing opportunity.

How can you find these leads for your business?

This is where Network Marketing lead generation companies, also known as lead vendors, come into play. They develop ways to capture a mlm multi level marketing lead, usually through Internet marketing and telemarketing.

Then these companies turn around and sell these leads to MLM distributors for premium prices.

There are several levels of leads, from tired and old- to fresh, real time leads. Like anything else, you get what you pay for.

However, the only reason you would even consider spending your limited cash buying leads would be for practicing your telephone skills. You will blow through a ton of people without much to show for.

Never Buy Leads From A Lead Vendor!

Most of them are sold and resold then sold again! These are a huge waste of time and money, and these can be especially discouraging for new recruits.

We can teach you how to build your own Network Marketing lead generation system that will pay for itself and even create an additional income stream!

What Is The Alternative?

Many distributors have increased their sponsoring success by finding ways to generate their own leads. Here are some common methods.
  • Radio- Very expensive, effective only in certain markets
  • Print- Expensive, not very effective
  • Booths- Expensive, time consuming, can be effective
  • Events- Sponsorships are expensive, not very effective
  • Flyers- Affordable, not very effective
  • Sizzle Cards- Affordable, somewhat effective
  • Internet- Expensive if inexperienced, can be very effective

The most effective Network Marketing lead generation system in terms of cost and results is through a method called "Attraction Marketing". This practice combines using the Internet and automated systems that draw qualified leads to your own capture page(s), collects contact information, and follows up through email auto-responders.

Capture pages are simple web pages that pre-sell your opportunity by offering something of value. When people commit to receive more information, they are identifying themselves as potentially interested in your business.

There are many Attraction Marketing systems available but again, there can also be significant costs involved.


After spending countless hours and a lot of money, we came up with a Network Marketing lead generation system using the principle of Attraction Marketing that we now offer for FREE- to you and your entire Network Marketing Group!

We call it FishFinder! Why FREE when we could make money like all the others? Well it's FREE because this is how we make our training available. We don't teach theory, we give you hands on training. You earn while you learn.

As a PRO FishFinder! member you have access to FREE training to get you started:

  1. Adwords for MLM- Learn how to create an account, build your first campaign and select keywords. Our training will help you activate a stream of affordable, quality leads for your home business. This training is available to all FishFinder! members.
  2. Article Marketing for MLM- Looking for MLM Network Marketing lead generation that doesn't cost you a dime? This training session shows you how to get started with this powerful strategy.
  3. Facebook Marketing for MLM- Want to target network marketers on this popular social network? We'll show you how to reach them effectively, and how to avoid the top pitfalls of Facebook advertising.
  4. Blogging for Network Marketers- If you're looking for the best long-term strategy for branding "You, Inc." blogging is definitely the way to go. Our blogging training shows you how to get started with this popular technique. No programming skills required!
  5. BONUS Mastering Google Local- You won't find this training anywhere else! Learn the secrets of getting your local MLM opportunity to dominate the first page of Google for your region. This frequently overlooked (and misunderstood) strategy can help local retail customers find YOU... For FREE!

In a short time, following our step by step system, you will begin to generate your own leads. Once you see your success, you then have the option of upgrading to our PRO service, where you will actually make money with your own lead generation system.

When you make money, we make money. It's a win/win partnership.

Our FREE system will always be FREE. This is the learning phase that gets you up and running, like training wheels on a bike. Use it as long as you like, but know you can remove the training wheels whenever you're ready to take it to the next level.

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