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Business Opportunity Better Than Pastor Jobs?

bivocational pastor

Many of the pastor jobs that bi-vocational leaders have lack one key element... the ability to control your time. The unique advantage full time pastors have is the ability to set their own schedules. You know how hard it is to get time off on a moments notice.

But people do not have control over the times when they need spiritual guidance. Whether it's a death in the family, a wedding, an emergency... as a pastor you know it's so important to be available.

This was a huge reason we looked for two years for something that made sense. We wanted our own business... one that did not require being tied down to one location.

We also needed income right from the start. After two years of praying and seeking we found our answer in the form of a business opportunity.

Our first month we earned $1500. The business has grown to well over $500,000 in income in eight years. The best part is the time freedom. We can work as hard as we want or as little... depending on what is going on with our family or within the congregation.

You do not need any experience to build a business like ours. What you need is a heart to help people... and you already have that.

This type of business provides unique opportunities to meet people outside your church... people who live in your community that may never step foot inside your church. We have found it to be a great personal ministry to reach out in love to others.

Pastor jobs that I have done in the past always left me frustrated. There was never time for family or those who needed me when they needed me most.

Being a leader in the church as a pastor presents unique challenges... situations that only another pastor can relate to. How do you build a business as a pastor? What approach should you take with your church members?

The bottom line is that your first ministry is to your family. Providing for and leading them is your first priority. Not only do you need income, but what about retirement, health care, education, an inheritance?

Whatever questions you may have... we are here to help if we can. We have worked with other people in ministry positions around the country and would love to assist you in building a business.

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