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Read this as a personal finance article written just for you. You can change your financial situation. In fact you are the only one who can.

We know the pain of financial pressure. It really hurts. The stress is almost unbearable. You feel helpless. Change does not seem possible. Past failures just re-enforce a sense of hopelessness.

You can turn things around... with God's help. It is not easy. There are changes to be made in deep rooted areas of your life. There are straightforward answers but it is not effortless.

You Have a Need

The first thing you have to do is recognize the need.


You clicked yourself here.

Now face the fact head on that you have a need.

You must see things change. In fact you have to get beyond the need to the want.

  • Do you really want to see your financial situation change?

  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

  • Are you sick and tired to the point where you will not allow things to go on the same?
  • If not... then forget it for now. Let it get a little worse. You need some more pain until it hurts enough to take action.


    Turn Your Pain to Gain

    The next step is to change course. From this point on you will look for a different way to approach everything that has to do with your finances.

    Take a hard look at what you have done in the past. Decide that you will no longer do the same things.

    This will force you to find other ways to deal with money. How you think about it, handle it, spend it, earn it. Choose to improve each time.

    For example... if you cash your paycheck and spend cash, those days are over. You will open up a checking account and pay for things by check and begin to keep a record to track your spending.

    You will make a budget and stick to it.

    You already have a checking account? Then you will stop writing checks whenever you want and go to a cash system. Allocate cash for every expense. When you're out of cash you stop spending. No more checks.

    Make sure you read our advice about credit card debt if this is an area of weakness for you.

    Look... there are so many different circumstances to deal with that a short personal finance article cannot possibly cover. So get to the root. You have to stop doing what you are doing and change.


    You do whatever it takes. Maybe it's time for some good old fashioned repentance. This is as practical as it gets. You need to surrender to God's will concerning your finances before you even try to figure out what His will is.

    You commit to doing it God's way and He will be faithful to show you what that means for you. Not only will you be able to make those hard changes but God will give you the power and grace to do it. You will be inspired.

    Everything we share on our web site is a result of God's grace working in us. It's the only way. As you turn to Him we want to support you and encourage you. Get our e-zine. Call us. Email us. Send us your prayer request.

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    Then share your story to encourage others. Help others as you are helping yourself. Write your own personal finance article and submit it for us to post.

    Share things you have done that are making a difference in your financial life. What a great way to glorify God.

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