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Retirement Calculator

retirement calculator

Use this retirement calculator to help you create your retirement plan. It calculates how much you'll need to save each month to meet your desired retirement financial goals.

Not Happy With The Results This Retirement Calculator Spit Out?

Many of us are hit with a hard dose of reality when we see how much we need to save each year to reach our retirement goals.

This is why many people look to supplement their income with part time retirement jobs or a businesses. They can save a little more, but it still falls short in providing a true retirement income. As soon as you stop working, you stop earning.

The beauty of a business that builds a residual income (an income stream that pays even when you no longer work) is that you are not simply trading your hours for dollars. You are building an income retirement that pays you tomorrow for the work you do today.

Now a business like this does not come easy. It takes hard work and dedication. The reward comes on the back end, after the hard work is done. You can take a step back or stop working, but your income continues in some cases, to grow.

You can find hundreds of so called residual income opportunities, but if you want to save yourself time and money, learn from our experience. Most people NEVER EVER succeed, even with the few legitimate opportunities that are real.

MLM Or Network Marketing

The only thing that has worked for us is Network Marketing. Click here to evaluate why your top home business ideas might turn out to be an MLM opportunity.

The end result for us is that our residual income is a retirement income. We don't have to put it into a mutual fund or other investment for the day we stop working, because when that day comes, the income doesn't.

Don't take this wrong, good mutual funds and IRA's for multiple income streams are important, but our residual income from our primary Network Marketing group streams in month after month.

We haven't found a retirement calculator built to factor this type of income. But it's simple. If you have a residual income of $2,500, it would take a million dollars at today's rates to produce the same passive income for you.

Plus it's the perfect way to have a positive influence in others people's lives. You can change the outcome of their retirement outlook from despair to hope.

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