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Need Sales Lead For Network Marketing?

You Are About To Have A Revelation On How You Can Cast Your Net To Haul In A Boat Load Of Prospects Eager To Join You... Automatically!

"On this page I'll reveal to you a hidden Internet sales lead for network marketing secret that has been silently yielding tons of success to online network marketers. And you won't spend yourself out of business advertising, but you will avoid the typical frustration, rejection, and disappointment that cause people like me to quit."

In fact, with your own online system people will pay you to hear about your company, products and business opportunity!

Sound to good to be true?
Scott and Laurie Prindle

My name is Scott Prindle and I'm a college dropout. That's right, in my senior year I decided I wanted to own my own business.

In fact I was so anxious to become an entrepreneur I quit school with a month to go and headed west to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to create my fortune.

This is when I was first introduced to Network Marketing and for the next ten years, with three different opportunities, I spent my way out of the industry trying to make it happen.

Today I'm a Network Marketing leader with networkers around the world... including 7-figure leaders, corporate CEO's, entrepreneurs, and business owners who make millions of dollars per year.

I have personally helped other Network Marketers build huge organizations and many like you have achieved varying levels of financial freedom. Each discovered how to find a sales lead for Network Marketing.

Here's the deal.

It didn't used to be that way...

Sponsoring A New Distributor Was Like Trying To Catch Fish Barehanded!

It's true.

I had only sponsored a handful of distributors at the lowest entry level. And all of them eventually slipped out of my hand! I never found a way to attract a sales lead for network marketing.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't make money in MLM even though I was 100% committed and did everything my upline told me to do.

I went to all the meetings, spent thousands of dollars on conferences... even went door to door! That's how bad I wanted it!

Then came my lowest point, tricking people into letting me show them the plan.

This is what my upline said they did! And they just kept saying, "Only people who quit never make it in this business."

Well I finally did quit after ten years because by then I had a growing family of five that I needed to feed.

Truthfully, I just couldn't endure the pain of failure in mlm that constantly weighed me down. I figured I just wasn't cut out for this industry.

So I quit for fourteen years while I worked jobs, built traditional businesses in the ski and bike industries, and started a church as a pastor.

But I didn't have a quality of life and the dream of money and time freedom never died, so when another Network Marketing opportunity presented itself I decided this time...

Failure Is Not An Option

We (my wife Laurie and I) actually got off to a great start using the standard old school methods working our hot and warm markets. So I wasn't thinking about a sales lead for Network Marketing stategy. We didn't need one.

But then something happened. We couldn't find a sales lead for Network Marketing to save ourselves, and as you know sponsoring is the name of our game. How would we solve the MLM Network Marketing lead generating mystery?

That's when I went on a mission to come up with a way to generate a sales lead for Network Marketing. We tried everything! Radio ($$$), print ads, flyers, sizzle cards, ad co-ops, booths ($$), sponsoring major events ($$$), Google Adwords ($), websites, blogs, email, Facebook, Twitter, lead vendors ($$), and everything else you can think of.

Nothing worked. We had a sales lead for Network Marketing trickle in, but most people were broke and looking for instant cash, a magic bullet, or a get-rich-quick miracle. They were definitely NOT looking for an MLM business! And it was all costing way too much money ($$$$$).

Old memories of rejection and frustration were flooding back into my mind. I had to fight off thoughts of failure and panic.

I felt like Peter, who after fishing all night long was exhausted and frustrated because he wasn't catching any fish. He had the tools- the boat, the net, and... the lake was full of fish! He just didn't know where to cast his net. He didn't know where the fish were.

But that morning, with a revelation from the Lord he cast in his net for a catch so big he couldn't haul it into the boat!

That's When The Revelation Hit Me!
(Thank You Lord)

I have to find where the fish are! I need a Fishfinder!

I searched long hours and spent lot's of money coming up with a system that is the best Fishfinder! money can buy! I finally discovered the secret way of prospecting on the Internet. It was one of those a ha! moments.

When the light bulb finally came on I couldn't believe I had missed it for so long. It's so simple, it's profound. A complete paradigm shift. A new wineskin!

We Became MLM Rock Stars- Success In MLM!

In fact, with this secret...

People Actually Pay Us To Hear About
Our Opportunity And Products

Sounds almost unbelievable, doesn't it?

I used to spend hundreds of dollars per month on advertising and still not a good sales lead for Network Marketing.

But now people actually give me money to see it- just like they would pay a professional fishing guide!

The result?

Listen to what happened to another struggling networker who had the same problem finding a sales lead For Network Marketing:

"My struggling MLM business changed overnight. Money flooded into my bank account DAILY.

People from around the world (who I'd never even met) started calling me and wanting to join my downline because they wanted to use my methods too. Within just 4 months I was financially free... and out of the "rat race" forever.

And best of all:

These new distributors signed up with no annoying objections... no "hemming and hawing"... and no questions asked.

They simply tracked me down, asked me to show them the plan, and signed up as distributors on the spot because my system had already done the telling and selling for me.

Frankly, the money and success came so fast... and so easy... I thought it was some kind of "fluke."

So I showed my method to a few other struggling distributors in my downline and had them try it.

And you know what happened?

They Each Made Money
Just As Quickly And Easily As I Did!

It was incredible".

~Mike D.

Our Fishfinder! system was developed by Mark Hall, a teacher from Kansas who built websites for reps of a top mlm comapny. In our eyes, Mark is the original MLM Rock Star.

We're grateful for all his hard work that will help you finally succeed in Network Marketing.

Stick with us and we'll show you how you can:
  • Generate your own high quality sales lead for Network Marketing
  • Use our FREE tools to screen your leads and find the best prospects
  • Make money from your prospects- even if they don't join your business!

Sooner or later you must learn how to fish with the Net instead of with a rod- or even worse barehanded. Today, people who discover how to use the Inter-Net have found Success in MLM and those that don't are doomed to fail. Period!

You will never catch a single sales lead for Network Marketing without your own customizable MLM multi level marketing lead funnel!

You see, the Internet changed everything. We had success with the old school way of building our business until the dawn of the Google Age. This new age created so much competition that fishing with a pole became obsolete when the big earners were using the Net.

We saw increasing numbers of distributors jumping from one thing to the next- thanks to all the online marketing.

So we decided it was time to swim against the current of endless cold calling, buying stale dead end leads, and trying to create an interest in Network Marketing with people who still think it's a pyramid scheme.

Since all our friends, family and neighbors think they are our next target, they're kind of surprised that we never badger them.

You won't need to either when you start using your own Fishfinder!

Remember these two facts:
  1. The old school way of fishing with a pole and bait for a single fish is history.

  2. The Inter-Net way of fishing with a net will have you hauling in catch after catch of fish!

It doesn't matter what company you're with or what product your marketing. You can use our Fishfinder! immediately. When you do, you'll attract schools of leads right into your net. They will be a sales lead for Network Marketing exclusively.

And, they will pay you to show them the plan. No more trying to lead a horse to water and make it drink. These are thirsty, ready to build Network Marketers!

There's no way to reveal to you on this page every secret that changed things for us. But there is now - For A Limited Time! - a way for you to get them easily, instantly and completely FREE.

It's our easy to read guidebook, called...

by Scott Prindle

You'll Discover These
Surprising Revelations And More

  • How the Internet Has Changed MLM Forever...
  • Why You MUST Build Your Own List...
  • The most powerful way to generate a sales lead for Network Marketing online...
  • Why you should NEVER purchase leads from a lead vendor!
  • Generating Your Own Qualified Leads... And have them Pay You to find out about your opportunity and products
  • What to look for in a Network Marketing lead generation system.
  • The Funded Proposal and How It Can Make You "Immune From Failure"

  • BONUS - Learn how you can grow your sales lead list by giving away our FREE Fishfinder! system to others.

Plus, you'll learn how to make money from the people who have already decided not to join you in your business or buy your products.

How does this work? There are very few who actually know and even fewer who are willing to share the secret with you.

After reading the FishFinder! Guidebook you'll be set free from having to chase people down. Instead they'll be chasing you wanting in on your secret.

This is when prospecting gets fun! Soon you'll be sponsoring new distributors. Not at the lowest entry level, but at the top business builder level.

Before long you'll see your downline multiplying before your eyes and you'll find yourself telling prospects you're too busy to work with them.

You'll be like Peter. You'll cast your net and won't be able to draw it in because of the multitude of fish! The abundance keeps coming in the form of deposits into your bank account.

You'll be earning income 24/7 whether you're skiing in Jackson Hole with us or body surfing in Boca Raton while visiting your mom.

Plus... when you get access to your FREE FishFinder! Guidebook TODAY, you can create your FREE FishFinder! (MLM Rock Stars) lead generation account!

Then you'll be able to immediately put into action what you learn... at no cost!

And... you'll receive:

  1. Training Worth Hundreds Of Dollars
  2. How to set up an PPC accounts, create effective ad campaigns, capture page examples, links to multiple resources- all to make you instantly profitable.
  3. Complete Sales Lead For Network Marketing Management System
    Manage your leads, create email autoresponders, see who's serious and who's not, customize your marketing materials and have access to multiple income streams, all while your net begins to fill up with qualified leads.
  4. Resource Center
  5. Links and banners to give away our FREE FishFinder! system, FREE affiliate programs with multiple income streams, and much more.

All this for ZERO risk, ZERO cost!

So grab hold of your copy now, before it slips out of your hands!

Simply click on the FishFinder! eBook below to start (l)earning today.

Remember, this is a Limited Time Offer, and you risk nothing.

There's Simply No Way You Can Lose!


Click Here To Grab Your Copy Of FishFinder!

Get Your 1st Sales Lead For Network Marketing Today!

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