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Shadrack & Marshia Mushwana, Pretoria, South Africa

by Shadrack Mushwana
(Pretoria, South Africa)

We are so excited to give you a feedback of what the Lord is doing in our lives. When we looking back at what was happening in the last decade reflecting on the Lord's goodness we have every reason to give him thanks.

We have seen Jesus ministering to the lives of many in a powerful way .We rejoiced with many live changed through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. God was so faithful to us as we responded to the inner prompting of his voice.

The highest moment of our lives is marked by our obedience and willingness to avail ourselves to the calling the Lord has to our lives. Thereafter we have seen miracle after the other of provision and open doors for ministry.

The following pages that form our mission profile, will be an introduction of my ministry and ourselves.

Shadrack was born 10June 1971 ID 7106105779084, Marshia was born 14 August 1980 ID 8008140527081 in South Africa. We have two Children Nikita was born14 October 2003, Shekinah-Lifeborn 08 September 2010.

In 1991 I received Christ as my Lord and savior and Marshia received Christ in 1998. We have been walking with the Lord up to date. We enjoy saving the Lord as couple and drawing strength from his grace knowing that the Lord gives strengths to the weak.

In 1994 I was studying engineering in fashion design when I felt the calling of God. During my schooling I use to go in the bush to pray, always when I pray I would find myself preaching to the trees saying repent after a powerful sermon. One night while I was praying I saw fire burning under the tree, and then I ran away because I was so scared not knowing that God was speaking to me, but the Holy Spirit spoke to me that it was the confirmation about my calling.

In 1996-1998 I went to study Theology In the Apostolic faith mission of South Africa Theological institute. In 1999 I was saving probation for 12 months and was ordained 2000. Then I got married in the year 2002.

In the year 2003 together with my wife we went to mission school to study mission and children ministry in Mission Exposure and Training (MET).

1.Hospital Ministry- We currently doing pastoral care services in the hospital e.g. preaching, counseling and praying for the sick people.

2.Prison Ministry- We currently doing spiritual services to the offenders and personnel. We offer the following services: Preaching, training bible courses, HIV/AIDS trainings, care to the patients in the Prisons.

In the year 2008 together with my wife we were attending School of Christ in SA (the founder is the late BH Clendennen in Beaumont, Texas). The School became independent after he past away.

We were appointed as the Directors to run the school in South Africa from 2008-2010.

This year in January 2011 we have started a Church called God is Able International. We are working for God full time with my wife. We are both not working accept serving in God's kingdom.

1.To built the house of GOD (Church) that will represent holiness.
2.To plant Churches
3.To build a place for orphans.
4.To grow into a mission agency that will send missionaries all over the world.
5.To have business that will sustain the ministry., Number +27 724687350

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