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Socialism is better

by Faraon

Now first of all, in any argument in which resources may be pulled out of, your definition of capitalism could be invalidated swiftly for the mere fact of using religion to define it.

Second of all, let it be pointed out that the capitalistic structure of government and economics destroys the ability for the small man to rise out of poverty into making something out of himself. Shouldn't everyone have an equal opportunity to make something out of themselves and their family in their life span? Shouldn't anyone be able to fulfill their life's meaning?

Now, because of your use of religion, I shall counter your definition by using a biblical reference.

Socialism is based off of Utalitarianism, simply put, "The Greater Good for the Greater amount of People."

Now, most of us know the story of our savior Jesus Christ. Most of us also know the story of his death. He was sent to the crucifix to die, but was brought back from the death by our father, God.

Didn't Jesus die to save ALL of us from our sins?

What is this then, all of a sudden, the system of this Giant Goliath has killed off the hero David. From what I have read, I think the story is that David kills Goliath, saves his people, and becomes a king.

Capitalism just doesn't give an equal opportunity to people. In many small cities, small businesses are put out off business by Wal-Marts that come in, offering ridiculously low prices on imported goods, thus not sustaining the city and nations internal economy.

By the way, the way the U.S. government is run, it can be defined as Socialism. The government controls the drugs, food, beverages, and objects that are sold in the country. The government intervenes when a big company is going, or already is bankrupt.

Socialism is just better at keeping a nations people happy. Socialism is more Christian.


Thank you for sharing your opinion, but a definition is not something that can be invalidated. It's just the meaning of a word.

You can certainly disagree with what we believe the benefits of Capitalism are, but to disagree with the definition is injudicious.

Our definition of capitalism is; "An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market."

Where do we use religion to define Capitalism? What is your definition?

Utilitarianism is the doctrine that actions are right if they are useful or for the benefit of a majority.

Notice there is no reference to minorities, just the "majority". This is where we get justification for the following:

  • abortion (keeps the world population in check)

  • genocide (eliminate undesirable races)

  • mercy killing (eliminate the weak)

  • situation ethics (evil is OK if it's for good)

The ultimate question? Under Socialism, who gets to decide what is best (the greater good) and for whom (the majority)? Not you. You relinquish your personal liberty (responsibility) to another, and you don't even have a choice in the matter.

Jesus Christ died so we can be right with God by grace through faith. He freely gave Himself so some might be saved (John 3:17). He who believes in Him is not condemned.

It was His choice to do the Father's will and His alone. Nobody decided for Him. And He died for the humble, the mourners, the merciful, the persecuted. We could make a good case that He died for the minority, not for the majority (yes, He died for all man's sin, but not all are saved).

How does this fit with Utilitarianism and Socialism?

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