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The home marketplace idea is exploding. Why? Today's parents want more for their families than what they experienced growing up. Not just more income, but more quality family time as well.

Maybe a mom does a search for a home business for woman. What will she find? Is there something that she can do to contribute to the family income while raising the kids at home?

Most were raised by parents who worked outside the home. They had good incomes which provided all the comforts... but at the cost of not being with their children. Day Care centers became the norm as these providers raised the children.

You know your parents were doing their best to provide. It was their way of saying "we love you" and want you to have the best.

But you know what every child wants more than anything? It's to be with their mom and dad.

The Alternative

Today's parents are finding ways to generate income from home through home business ideas. We have some friends with eight children. They are both stay at home parents because mom's "little business" brings in $30,000 each month.

Attitudes about work at home businesses are moving away from the "little business my wife does" mentality. They also are becoming a movement of God's expanding Kingdom. What is an entrepreneur? The definition is changing. More and more realize that it's about using God given talents in a way to serve others who are glad to pay for services or products that meet their needs.

This is a movement that is empowering believers to reclaim families as the building block of communities, states and nations. You might want to find out for yourself how to be part of this growing network of the marketplace ministry entrepreneurs.

Proven Success System

cbo also has a system that provides people what they need to start and build a successful home based business. Our system provides you with:
  • Mentoring
  • Business Advice
  • Patented Products
  • International Networks
  • Business Coaching

We have the highest success rate in our industry. U.S. statistics show that a system like ours increases the survival rate of start-ups from 35% to 87%.

This is very, very good news... considering most small businesses fail within their first five years.

To take a step toward your new career at home we invite you to subscribe today for our FREE Salt & Light E-zine. Begin learning how to become part of the emerging marketplace ministry.

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Betty's Story

"We were retired on a fixed income... Our 1st year we made $63K, doubled it our 2nd year...

More than anything else for the 1st time in my life I'm able to work with more purpose and passion because we're truly helping people..." blazic


Hear Betty's story here.

Harlan Shares

"After a 20 year career with Army I had great results with chronic headaches... Ten months into it I had a residual income of $2500 which equaled my military retirement.

Five years into this business I make between $12K to $15K a month out of my house. I love what I do" humphrey

Harlan Humphrey

Hear Harlan's story here.

Julie's Blessed

"I'm so excited about the results I got that I'm telling everybody I know. For 21 years I taught school and struggled to pay the bills.

I've been involved in this business for eleven months and am making from $3,500 to $6,000 a month.

I'm helping so many people just like me with no hope and it's changing their life just like it did mine"


Hear Julie's story here.


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The Company makes no claims regarding any of its products except those set forth on product labeling and brochures and does not authorize the use of product testimonials for use in the sale of the Company's products.

Similarly, statements of business success achieved by a particular Distributor are not representative of what a typical Distributor may achieve. Each individual Distributor's success will depend on his or her individual effort.

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