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Tough One

Good Evening,

I started a business in 2006 and I have been given my hearts desire. I have struggled financially to support it, using my own monies and support from my Bride.There has been great success in the product. Pros in the business say the products are top 2 in the nation. Most importantly my customers make great comments and have really great success using the product.

I realize that I cannot keep financing it personally. I've often thought God you started this and so, I have trusted in him all the way to make it happen, literally! I have made mistakes but keep the faith. Through all this, I don't have the funds to build a sales force or anything needed to grow the business. I want The Lord to help me and cannot borrow and have been away from work most of this time. I am just wandering what to do? I have made up my mind to do something and that is to tithe, whenever anything comes in. I also am learn f to minister because giving God Glory is and always will be in this. I want to help others in Jesus name out of my own income. I want to bless my grandchildren. I also want to start a charity in due time. The biggest issue is I don't want to necessarily borrow.

What is your views on everything I have stated?


Well Jeff, without knowing any details all we can say is that for everything there is a season. A time to sow, a time to reap. Sometimes you need forge ahead, sometimes you need to move on.

After eight years and no profit, our advice is to get off the dead horse and do something different. What leads me to say this is the fact that nothing is happening, no matter how good your product is.

We have started over ten businesses and only four have been successful. My tendency is to grin and bear it too long. It's hard for me to let go.

What is you wife saying to you? Don't discount her discernment.

And remember, a man's heart makes his plan, but it is the Lord who directs his steps.

><>Scott & Laurie

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