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Your Argument is Invalid

by Christina

I feel that you fail to prove any of your points in the article. How can you say capitalism is the way of the Christian god? Does your religion not tell you to help those less fortunate than you?

Capitalism only serves the those who dictate and rule the laborers and workers below them and does nothing for the common man.

How can you prove that capitalism has served better than any other system when capitalism has thrown us into two depressions?

Also, if you would like to look at this point from a democratic and patriotic stand point, socialism is more patriotic than any other system, giving every person a voice and say in all descisons within their company.

I feel that you should revise this article and prove your argument for capitalism, rather than just spouting how wonderful it is.

Hi Christina,

History is proof enough that capitalism has benefited mankind when applied with Biblical principles.

Take the invention of the printing press for example. Emerging capitalism was the economic climate of the times (1440). An entrepreneur spirit was in the air.

Gutenberg's press paved the way for the teachings of Jesus Christ to be made available to the masses instead of just the literate elite.

This decentralized the State of the Middle Ages and soon ushered in the Renaissance. The result was a new found freedom to pursue individual solutions not bound by restrictions imposed through political and religious authorities.

You know what that's called? Liberty!

We suggest you study history, especially as it relates to the development of economic systems.

Like it or not, any objective study shows capitalism has benefited mankind greatly.

All Our Best,
Scott & Laurie

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Nov 22, 2010
Socialism doesn't feed the poor!
by: Anonymous

Jesus does tell us to help the poor. He doesn't say for me to let the government take care of the poor with the fruits of my labor.

The government can not produce anything except Debt and Print Money. Any help given to the poor from the government can only then come from the people who earn it and have it taken from them. "Socialism is fine until you run out of other peoples money......Then what?"

If you are required by law to take care of the poor it is no longer charity and then it becomes an entitlement. Who gets to decide who gives and who takes? God commands us to take care of the poor not the lazy who always find a way to work the system.

Nov 22, 2010
by: Mike Kelley

I agree with Scott and Laurie.

Capitalism is a tool; like any tool, it can be used for good or evil. the reason I prefer capitalism over any other economic climate is the freedom capitalism offers. Unfortunately, this freedom is often used for evil ends, but that does not mean that capitalism is a bad idea.

It's like Voltaire said: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Same principle applies here. I may not agree with what someone does in business, but they have the right to pursue their own goals. Just as I have the right to pursue mine. Capitalism allows this better than any other system I've seen.

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